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How the Wolves Came To Howl At The Moon

Once upon a time, long ago, the wolves never howled at the moon; that is until the moon came down to earth.

You see, the moon was very tricky back then.  And one time the moon came down to visit the wolves and asked, “Little wolves, little wolves, what might you be doing?”

Now the  wolves had just gone on a hunt and had caught  a plentiful amount of rabbits and squirrels. So the leader of the pack replied to the moon, “We have just gone on a hunt and now we are dividing up the prey.”

“Hmmm, very interesting.  You know I  just went star-hunting the other day and I have a plentiful amount of star nectar.  Maybe we could make a trade; some of those delicious looking squirrels and rabbits for star nectar.  What do you say?” said the moon.

“Well,” answered the leader of the wolf pack, “We’ve never had star nectar before; hmm, you’ve got your trade.”

Then the moon replied, “Oh thank you, thank you so much.  I will have your nectar delivered by tonight.” 

“Very well,” grunted the wolf leader, and then continued; “But if the nectar is not here by tonight, then you will face our wrath.”

“Oh, it will surely be here; do not worry.” the moon replied.

Now all this time the moon had been full, and round, and hadn’t had any nectar at all. 

The wolves waited, and waited, and waited for the moon to come back down to the earth with their nectar.  Soon it was nighttime and the wolves grew impatient with anger, so they let out a long, loud, piercing cry.

Now today  when you hear the wolves howling at the full moon, remember the time the moon came down to earth.  The wolves howl for their lost prey and the elusive star nectar.

The end.
(copyright 2012, Asa Leininger)


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Janelle S. said...

All the elements of an excellent legend. Well done Asa!