Command Philosophy

A Command Philosophy is a term used within the framework of military leadership.  It is often developed by officers to reflect actions that are the products of their core beliefs.  The command philosophy is presented to others in the chain of command, above and below, so that they might know what actions they can expect from their fellow soldier.
This command philosophy reflects an order from inner circles outward, the items should not be understood as being disconnected, they build upon the other, beginning with my family, then parish, community and the world. It comes from and builds upon a personal Rule of Life.
·      First priority.  My family is a gift of God that I will treasure.  They are the people that I am primarily responsible to for blessing, cultivating and equipping for life. 
o   Their phone calls, emails, office visits will be answered in a first priority manner.      
o   When away from home for an evening I will touch base at some point in the day.
·      I will confide in my wife all the details of my life.  Things shared with me in confidence will also be shared with my wife.
·      All major decisions, vocational, educational, and financial, etc. will be made cooperatively, including our children, and will only be made after discussion and sleep.
·      Spiritual, Team and Leadership Development will begin with my family. We will practice a family altar.  We will plan and work together as a team.  Each will bear responsibility and we will enjoy the fruits of our labor.  We will laugh much.
·      Physical Fitness will be part of our routine.  I will exercise in the morning.
·      Resource care.  We will create a yearly budget, a garden, and a vacation plan.   
·      I will be a pastor who leads by example first and who frames my actions with words.
o   I will do little things, e.g. picking up trash, fixing broken things, noticing gaps      
·      Every week I will invite people to respond to the call of Jesus to become followers of Him for the first time and for a deeper walk.
·      I will be approachable and available.  I will keep regular office hours.  I will welcome those who make appointments and those who stop by.  I will respond to communication within a business day.  I will have one impactful contact with persons every working day.  I will be available to people before and after worship services.  I will speak truthfully, plainly and with love.  I will listen.  I will value people who deliver good and bad news.
·      I will be a learner and ask others to join me in learning. I will read 20+ books per year.  I will ask leadership teams to read two texts per year. 
·      I will encourage creativity, flexibility and resourcefulness that is Christ centered.  I will grant responsibility and freedom to Christ centered entrepreneurship.
·      I will provide guidance and accountability through best practices; frequent meetings, recognition of outstanding effort, team ministry development, safety awareness, leaders developing leaders.
·      I will not speak ill of churches or clergy.   Ecumenism is a response to Jesus’ prayer in John 17.  I will maintain covenant with my denomination and be a co-laborer within it.  
·      I will be glocally minded.  News of and prayer for the world will compile the fabric of life.
·      I will serve in a global setting with a team at least every two years.
·      I will seek to culture global relationships and perform as a servant to the King.

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Living at the Ladds said...

This is so good to think about these things and have a plan for our lives. I think so many of us just kind of flow from one thing to the next without a clear plan of we want/hope to be and accomplish. I must also confess that I am working on a rule of life paper for one of my classes and was hoping to get a little bit more help from this, but this is just too different, but still good and interesting. I especially like the part in there that says anything shared with you in confidence will be shared with Anna. I think that shows the oneness in your marriage that so many of us need. Thanks for the encouragement.