Monday, May 23, 2005

A Call To Worship

Call to Worship – April 10, 2005

Our world spins with noise at its axis.
The noise of the alarm clock
The noise of the time clock at work
The noise of the radio/tv/mp3 player
The noise of the motor under the hood, the motor in the refrigerator, the lawnmower in the neighbor’s yard
The noise of the band in the neighbor’s garage
The noise of the chains that hang from the ambulance as it speeds out of town.

Noise has become a backdrop, a canvas upon which we often find our world spinning out of control.

Today as we’ve gathered here – let us lift the canvas; let us find the true axis of the world.

As we enter into worship I invite you to open your ears, to be still, and in quietness – without noise, listen for the voice of God.

O Christ – you bear our image in heaven, ask the Father to send the Spirit upon us gathered here, so we may hear His voice, bear your Image, and have hope centered upon the true Spirit. Glory be to God, now and forever more. Amen. Amen.

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