Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Baby Girl

Aravis Marie joined our family yesterday at 3:07 PM. She weighed 6 lb, 9 oz and is 19.25 inches long. She and her mother are doing well.

Everyone I share this with tells me that my world is about to be rocked. When I called one of our friends the dad of the house congratulated me then began to laugh in a sort of demented way and said, "your world is going to flip upside down."

I'm wondering why?

What makes the presence of a baby girl that explosive?

I guess I'm about to find out.

I'm thankful for Aravis and the family God has granted me this far.


Melinda said...

I told you from the beginning that she was going to be a girl! Be sure to lock your doors because I think Greg was serious about stealing her and raising her. Congratulations! I hope she's just like me!

Matt said...

WAHOOOO!!! Way to go, ANNA!!!! Don't let anyone scare you...three isn't so bad. Oh, wait a minute...I won't have three until October. You can talk me out of the tree then!

maggie said...

Awwww, jason she's a cutie! I can't wait until she grows up and you have a full time melinda on your hands! I think I'll come and visit you just to laugh...and if I were you, I'd listen to mindy about the greg thing...just some friendly advice. ;)

Kasey T said...

it would be very bad if greg stole her... and equally as bad if she turned out like melinda. On the other hand what a joy it would be if she turned out more like me ;) just promise to let me teach her how to read!

duke said...

I'm already ahead of you Kasey. I've read to her already . . . how to read a book in 10 minutes.