Friday, July 29, 2005

IYC begins for WFMC

Tonight our bus left the parking lot headed for IYC. It's hard to see the bus go and not be on it.

I've made an interesting and somewhat disturbing discovery tonight. Many of my friends are bored, and lacking any ambition to do anything about it. I've been to blogs of several of my friends tonight and each of them mention that they're bored, yet they've done so much this summer. They've gone on missions trips, seen tons of movies, gone on vacation and a host of other things and they're still bored.

Is the bar raised to high? Do we expect too much?

I remember being in Chicago as a teen. We constructed a playground for kids in a battered women's shelter. They had reason to be bored - they couldn't leave the building. The only time outside they had was enclosed in a brick wall 10 feet high. By Christmas they had worn the S hooks out that held the chains of the swings up. They had very little, but they weren't bored.

Maybe our wealth keeps us from experiencing the real joys of life, and has enticed us so that we're too comfortable to risk anything in life, so we're coddled in boredom.

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