Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Poll question

August 14, I'll be preaching in the morning at WFMC. We'll be in a series called, "You Asked For It." The series is based on requests from the congregation concerning certain topics.

The following is a list of subjects that were turned into the office and are still possibilities. Of those on the list, what do you think I should preach on?
  1. Knock at His Door
  2. Women in the Bible
  3. Why we Value Kids
  4. The verses of a great Hymn
  5. The miracles in Luke and why the Lord chose these things to show us his power - and the miracles in our day and age
  6. The Fruits of the Spirit
  7. Elijah/Elisha series
  8. The Exodus
  9. What does the Bible say about: Heaven, Hell, Dating/Relationships, Salvation (who will be saved), Last Things, Judgment and mercy and grace, Modesty in dress and life and choices and entertainment
  10. The work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts
  11. Expectancy of Christ's return
  12. How doe we show and share the aroma of Christ? 2 Cor 2.15 And why are so many willing to not like that aroma?
  13. How many times can we disappoint God, and He will still forgive us? Does He harden our hearts as He did Pharoh's?

Maybe you've got something else you'd like to add to the list. Drop me a note.

I've got to get working on this before my dear sweet wife brings another new baby into our world. I hope it won't be late, like the 13th?


Mary Dot said...

I couldn't decide which ones I liked best. There are a few good ones. Women in the Bible sounds like it could be very interesting. A lot of people can be very sexiest when it comes to this, but really, the Lord gave women a lot of responsibilites, so it would be a cool thing to inform people about.

Why we Value Kids could be good, but maybe a little too expected since you are the student ministries pastor, although, it could just be appropriate.

I really like What does the Bible say about: Heaven, Hell, Dating/Relationships, Salvation (who will be saved), Last Things, Judgment and mercy and grace, Modesty in dress and life and choices and entertainment but it definatley needs to be narrowed down. The things I like out of the list are "dating/relationships" and you could also add to that divorce. Or, "modesty in dress, life, choices, and entertainment" could be good, although, also a little vague.

The last one I liked was The work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. It also sounds like it has a lot of potential.

Ok, that's my two cents. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

i think you should preach on how god rewards people who steal ugly bits of fleece clothing from their youth pastor's wardrobe but are kind enough to empty the pockets and leave all other of hi possessions behind.

Matt said...

Seems like sort of a boring list in my opinion...but that's just me! Hey, know me...just Furr stirring the pot.

How about a message based on the parable of the sheep and the goats? If salvation is by grace alone and has nothing to do with works, why does Jesus seem to intimate that anyone who doesn't clothe the naked, feed the hungry, visit the sick and imprisoned, etc. will be cast away from him? Doesn't that seem harsh? Or does it open the door to a broader vision of "salvation" than simply praying a special prayer?



anonymous 2 said...

I agree with anonymous. Any person kind enough to empty the pockets of anything ugly and fleece-like shall be rewarded by God, especially if that person is also kind enough to take the ugly bits of fleece clothing on fascinating adventures over the summer instead of just leaving it locked up in the closet until winter rolls arounds and the clothing is needed. Man, some people just love to take advantage of their clothing, don't they! Poor ugly, fleece thing. I'm sure it has felt exploited over the years, though that surely isn't the case now!

Sr Pastor said...

If you believe the following, taken from your July 1 post:

"It is no wonder we see less and less of God doing the things God longs to do. As a culture, as a church we aren't coming to houses of worship to meet with God...we're coming for something that pleases us.

Yuck, yuck, yuck."

...then why are you even asking this question?