Friday, August 26, 2005

4 Steps to lessen the Energy costs

We all know that gas prices have gone through the roof. There's a lot of handwringing and most of those who offer up solutions only look for one silver bullet. There are several steps, that if they were combined, could bring people together and lead to a consensus among most Americans on how we move forward.

1) Congress should increase CAFE standards x 2. I own an 1988 F-150, it's fuel efficiancy is the same as a current model F-150. We're 18 years after that truck was produced and no changes to engine efficiency. It's time to push auto manufacturers to produce high efficiency engines. These standards should be applied to automobiles, trucks and semi trucks. Imagine the effect if a semi could leap from 6 mpg to 12 - that would be tremendous.

2) Congress should direct the EPA to form plans that would be friendly for those who want to build oil refinery plants in the US.

3) Congress should direct the EPA to form plans that would be friendly for the new construction of atomic power plants and hydro-electric plants.

4) Congress should open up the Alaska oil fields.


fetzer said...

good ideas but the car industry will never go for raising the standards and they carry a lot of weight. The market has to shift for long term success. I know I am driving less and my next car is going to be hybrid of some type. My guess is others are doing the same. We should also look at alternative energy and invest more money in research and development instead of giving it lip service.

duke said...

Is it the auto companies, or the oil companies that are resisting fuel economy, or both?
You're right about research for other energy sources.
My dad, who is a farmer, reminds me that soy and corn producers would like to see more inclusion of their products in our energy pipeline, and in the latest energy bill that provision is being advanced.
Here's the deal, there are a lot of sources of renewable energy and energy that is natural that can be and should be harvested. The sacred cow of oil has always sought to protect itself, but now it's becoming an all consuming cow - ripe for slaughter.