Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Little Help From My Friends

Moose Mosteller is the man!

Thanks for the help with the links. I may not understand fully, it's as Paul says in II Corinthians 4, we see as through a glass darkly, on how to add links. But you've stepped me through that painful process. The next step is getting a mug shot up in the upper right hand corner. Moose . . .

We've been busy with miss Aravis and two boys that have not relented on their need for attention. I had the pleasure of introducing Miss Aravis to a dear friend of the church, Alberta Montgomery. Alberta is nearing the end of her stay in this world and is looking forward to the next with great anticipation. It was a joy to bring Aravis to her bedside and hear her coo over a new life and rejoice in the life that God has given her.

A treat we enjoyed last Saturday was the presence of a dear teacher and friend, Dr. Bence. Dr. Bence and his wife were in the area visiting their daughter. Six year ago to the day of their visit Dr. Bence's dad passed from this world to the eternal kingdom. Before his dad made that journey Dr. Bence had passed through our Western NY home soon after the Moses' birth (our firstborn). At that visit he laid his hands on Moses and prayed a special prayer of blessing, on this visit he likewise rejoiced in life and prayed a blessing over Aravis.

I read recently that someone once asked Karl Barth why he was convinced of the existence of God his reply: The Jews.
K. Barth may have been on to something, however the communion of friendship ought to be a significant indicator in a world that trends toward the self that God is.

Father in heaven, thank you for the friends whom you've place in my life. They have shared their lives with me and allowed me to share the life you've given me with them. Like you, they don't turn me away when I'm morally ugly, like you they challenge me and grant me blessings. I rejoice that you call me your friend. It humbles and honors me. Bless you. Amen.

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