Friday, October 21, 2005

Update on Hiking

Yesterday Anna, Moses, Asa, Aravis and I went to Natural Bridge. The boys had wanted to go on Monday but there wasn't room. They had hear about the cave and wanted to explore it.
So we went. We hiked about 3.5 miles.

I picked up a trail map and discovered that on Monday we hiked at least 12.75 miles.

I'm proud of my boys for hiking a good distance. I'm proud of those who completed the hike on Monday.

On the Trail Guide there are these interesting words:
"In a typical year, about 40 people fall from cliffs in this area; two die from their injuries, some are permanently disabled. It often takes several hours to rescue and transport accident victims to hospital. Most victims are young adults who venture too close to the cliff edge."


Mary Dot said...

Haha...12.75 miles! That's hilarious! Those kids are troopers for real. Natural Bridge is beautiful. My family took a picnic and hike there recently, too. Take care.

hannah said...

40 people fall from those cliffs a year?!, and 2 usualy die?! thats alful!!