Monday, November 07, 2005

Baptism pictures and theology

This picture is before the baptism. The gown came from an antique shop.
It was beautiful.

This picture shows the boys as uninterested in the liturgy part of the baptism. Yet later you can see that they were very engaged in the application of the water.
At the conclusion of the service our family returned to the font for some pictures. After these were done I began to lift the basin out of the font and was going to remove the water. Asa and Moses were standing near by and I took some water on my finger, placed it on their foreheads in the sign of the cross and told them to remember that they had been baptized. Asa took his hands placed them in the font and took out more water and began to rub it all over his head and face. He was applying a goodly amount of water. Then Moses followed suit. This filled my heart with joy and holy laughter. Their desire to know, to experience the grace of baptism, to feel the water on the head and running down the face, as David said like the oil running down the beard of Aaron, is unquenchable.
This is why I continue to be drawn to places who use the font as a regular part of worship, through baptism that we emerge into the life of promise, and the way life goes, we need to be reminded of that promise often, and also of the cleansing of our sins.
Thanks be to God.

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