Monday, May 01, 2006

One More Picture from Easter

Anna thought this was the best picture of our little darling. She's right. I'm glad to post it.

Thanks to Mr. Don for taking it, and sharing it with us.

Today is May Day. In some countries this is a celebration of their government's coming into existence. Most notably communist countries.

However, May Day had a different connotation in my experience. I'm not sure where my mother came up with what we did, but we had a great May Day. In the evening of May 1, we'd begin making a huge bowl of popcorn. As we'd fill up the bowl we'd add in chocolate of all types; little candy bars, M&M's, chocolate cookies, etc.

After the bowl was filled we'd drive to someone's house, usually our cousin's, or pastor's house. Just as the sun was setting we'd sneak up to the front door. Place the bowl full of treats on the step, knock on the door, yell "May Day" at the top of our lungs, and run for a great hiding spot. Only once or twice did we have to repeat the knocking and yelling routine. Those we visited seemed to know what to do next - chase us. It was a great twist on hide and seek. I wonder now if my mom called ahead. I never heard her do this.

When we were found we'd all gather in the house to dive into the great treats. It was a great night and provided fond memories. Soon, Aravis will be big enough to run and hide. When that time comes . . . . We'll repeat a great time.

Thanks to my mom for making a great memory, and the big bowl of popcorn and sweets.


Anonymous said...

Jason, your great.

-Ben G. Rogers I

Beth W. said...

Love the pictures Duke! You're right, Aravis is a sweetie. Only wish you were closer so I could see you all with my own 2 eyes, but for now pictures will have to do!

Beth :}