Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Great Race

Yesterday was fantastic. It was good because I ran my second race. Wilmore has a small 4th of July 5 k race. It's a great experience, some hills, and a few flat places.
But what was better was the 1 mile fun run that took place before the 5k. Moses and Asa saw the finish of last year's race. They kept up their insistence that they wanted to run in this year's race. We committed to doing the 1 mile fun run. I got the boys up before 7 AM. They thought it was a bit too early, but dressed fast. They were pumped. We were the second in line to register. Then we waited for the start time. When it came they were ready. The horn sounded and they ran out like a flash. They ran hard and fast for about 200 yards, then Asa said, whoa. He was out of gas. We were at an intersection. I said, "Let's run through the light." We did, then we walked for a bit. This is how we made it, running, walking, running, walking. We were accompanied by Kathi Leigh Munoz, her mom Diane, and a local Wilmoreite - Kim Deyer. When we came to the finish line, the clock read 13:11.
It was a great day. They loved the running, but they got really excited about the medals that they received at the presentation ceremony.
I found great joy in their exuberance. I was also glad to come away with a 3rd place finish . . . in my age group. For the record my time was 25:55. I think I was 3rd out of 2.
Last year I wrote about being impressed with the folks who run, they have a real camaraderie, an encouraging community. It's something fun to be a part of.

We go on vacation in a couple of days. We're looking forward to that. I hope to do a little work on a writing that I've been carrying around for a while.

Happy Birthday America.

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maggie mae said...

did you ever finish that story that I wrote the poem for? (it has to be great simply b/c my poem is in it.....that has to be the best piece of work I've ever done. Every time I read it I just have to laugh) ya gotta love it (just like ya love me : )