Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Saints Behaving Badly - A Great Read

I just finished reading this wonderful book.
What makes it wonderful? First, it's not laboriously long. Two, it's well written. Thomas Craughwell doesn't get in the way of the stories that he's telling. Third, it's well researched. You get a chance to learn history, sacred and secular, through the lives of the people biographed. Fourth - it speaks of the human condition and the transformative nature of Christ. This is it's pinnacle achievement. Fifth, it places saints in an accessible light to a protestant. Most of my protestant companions are leery of talking about the saints and are a bit suspicious of their wild stories. While admitting that some of their stories may be "puffed up," Craughwell lances through to the transformative work of Christ and how lives were changed for eternity - both the life of the saint and those they went on to serve.

I would recommend this book to anyone who rubs shoulders with the unknowing, unconvinced, or unrepentant. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a loved one whom they think has abandoned God, has become abandoned by God, or to anyone who is convinced their life is beyond the reaches of God's grace.

From the past we see the redeeming and transformative work of Christ fleshed out in people like us. Such pictures provide hope for our own souls and the souls of those we love, work with and live with. Thanks be to God.

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