Thursday, April 05, 2007


Over the past several months I've noticed that people are skipping funerals. I don't mean that people are skipping out on going to funerals, it's that people who die are no longer having funerals. I've noticed this trend on a web site that I check that has news about the town where I grew up. Just yesterday my mechanic told me his great aunt, who died the night before, wasn't going to have a funeral. He said, "she said if people weren't going to come see her when she was alive, why invite them to come see her when she's dead."
I've been wondering, what does this absence of a funeral say about us?
What does this absence mean to our personhood and community? What does this say to the church? What should the church be saying to the world?

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fetzer said...

funerals are for the people still living. If nobody cares enough to hold a funeral service then they probably cared little about the person while they were alive. That's a sad indictment. Personally I want a huge funeral service. The more the merrier.