Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Names

We’re having an active conversation in our home about what the name should be for our soon to be born daughter. 

In some ways the conversation reminds me of the national conversation on who should be the next president – most people I’ve come in contact with seem to think we’re settling for a second choice in our president. 

We’ve been making lists, having suggestions sent in, having our mothers display unreserved displeasure in some of our ruminations. 

The current list Anna compiled today includes:

Cadence Sophia

Hope Elizabeth

Helena Sophia

Arwen Grace

Abigail Hope

Sophia Hope


Some of my favorites didn’t make the list:  Madeline Elizabeth and Theophany Grace.


If you’d like to make a suggestion, write it on a $100 bill and send it to us in Mt. Pleasant.





Moose said...

My vote is for Elisabeth, for some reason I like that name?

Kristin said...

My 2 cents...all of those are great except Arwen! I know it's Lord of the Rings...blah, blah...but Arwen sounds like an old man name! And THEOPHANY!!! NO WAY! Sounds like CACOPHONY (jarring...literally)! :)
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