Saturday, March 15, 2008


Anna and I have been watching the first season of 24. Thanks to our friend Brent who loaned us the DVD series.
The show proves a couple of big biblical truths:
1) The wages of sin is death.
2) Those who live by the sword die by the sword.

Noticeably absent is any presence of God or God's name. God's name hasn't been used in vain, nor has it been invoked to aid those in trouble. We'll be waiting to see if there is any moral distinction or redemption.


Rev. Vaughn W. Thurston-Cox said...

Why 24 when LOST comes through on the same television set?

Duke said...

Almost everything we watch is done via DVD.
The one show we see over the broadcast airwaves is American Idol.
I do have some thoughts about American Idol - every time I see a contestant turned away, it resurfaces something in my own life. That's a hard thing - to hope for something, work for something, and then get rejected. It's hard, but it's also part of life. And in the providence of God, quite possibly part of his severe mercy.