Monday, August 18, 2008

New Fort

This Summer I've been working on building a new fort for the kids.
Byron, my youngest brother, was up last week and we got the fort to this point.
Last night Moses, Asa, Aravis, Sam (my nephew) and I slept in it. It was a beautiful night. The moon was fantastically bright when we laid down our heads.


Anonymous said...


Cool fort. Hope all is well with everyone in your family. Was thinking of you and yours and found your blog. Drop an email if you get a chance. I actually need to follow up with you on a work related thing if you have five minutes.

The Great Antonini

Sean Pearson said...

You made a ton of progress since last Tuesday. Looks awesome. Can I spend the night? ;)

Duke said...

The progress was made because my brother helped a great deal, along with Moses and Asa. The boys brought shingles up the ladder, climbed on the roof, pounded in some nails.

You're welcome, Sean, to come and spend a night in it. The boys, their cousin Sam and some friends spent last night out in it.

jenwortz said...

Looks great. Sam told us we could see it on your blog. He's still talking about all the fun he had and telling us lots of stories. Thanks so much for having him. He had a great time. We are glad to have him home though. It's the longest he's ever been away.
Love, Sis