Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Letter

Anna composed our Christmas letter for 2008. Here it is.

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

We are celebrating our second Christmas in Mt. Pleasant Michigan this year. Although we have settled in a bit more it still seems like a transition time to all of us-maybe because things keep changing! It is certainly nice to have family a little closer. We have also made some good friends through the homeschool group and at church.

Jason is doing well as the Pastor at Central Michigan Free Methodist Church. Like I said lots of changes have been made since our arrival at the church. One of our favorites has been the addition of a playset on the premises. Our kids love it and it lets people know that we are a congregation who values and welcomes children.

On the other side of the house is one of Jason’s biggest accomplishments of the year-The new fort. Actually, it looks like a small cabin with real windows and a door and has decks, a loft and a slide. Next year the plan is to add paint, a sandbox underneath and probably electricity and insulation. Yes, people think we are crazy but the kids love it!

I guess my big accomplishment of the year was having our fourth baby and remaining sane as we all adjusted, while going here there and everywhere this summer and beginning our school year this fall. Actually, baby number four has been an easy and delightful addition to our already full lives. Kyrie Sophia was born May 23, 2008 and is the sweetest little red-headed baby girl. Her eyes are bright blue and she is always smiling. She loves her siblings and they adore her. It is such a blessing to watch them interact and make her laugh.

Speaking of the siblings, everyone keeps growing! Moses is halfway to 18 and full of life. He is a very caring son, brother and friend and we are proud of his character as well as his abilities. He loves to learn, especially history and he has decided that reading big books on his own is worth it. He continues to learn guitar and is an athlete and adventurer. Both boys played baseball in the spring and soccer in the fall (although they say that next year they want to play football!). Asa turned 7 this fall and is also full of life. He started piano lessons this year and seems to be a natural. His teacher calls him her Piano Ace. He also seems to have a knack for drawing and learning comes easily for him. He is a dreamer and a planner. He’s pretty intense and likes to bring everyone else in on his plans even if they’re not sure it is going to work for them! His sister Aravis shares that characteristic and so the sparks tend to fly between our two middle children. Jason has actually dubbed our 3 year old princess, “Little Mac” for MacArthur. She has always had an amazing ability to communicate for her age. Her voice might be the biggest thing about her as she is petite for 3 and of course beautiful and sweet.

I could go on about our wonderful kids and our lives but let’s just summarize by saying, Jason and I are exhausted most of the time and blessed beyond what we deserve. We hope you and your family enjoy celebrating the birth of our Lord with the people you love. Thank you for your part in our lives. May God bless you this Christmas.


Jason , Anna, Moses, Asa, Aravis, and Kyrie

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