Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Misc. Things

Here are some things that have happened recently in our lives.
  • We finalized the sale on our house in Kentucky last Friday. We're thankful to have completed the process.
  • Delta - our new dog - is assimilating well. She has taken a true liking to the boys.
  • Aravis and I took Delta for a ride in the truck last week. Along the way she said, "Daddy, girls are people too." I'm not sure what provoked her to say this, except for possibly seeking to anthropomorphize Delta.
  • A most beautiful picture. On Friday I visited a family from our church whose matriarch was in the hospital. As I walked into the room, her husband was sitting in the recliner, pulled up close to the bed. He was sitting on the edge of the chair, with his arms resting upon the bed rail. In his hands he was holding a hand of his wife. His head was bowed low, in prayer or slumber or both I couldn't tell; most likely both. It was a serene scene. They have been married for 43 years and it looks like their earthly road will part soon. I was blessed to see a picture of faithfulness and a deep love ingrained over lots of years. Later, I told this couple of the scene and I said "thank you" for such a beautiful gift to me.

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