Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Almost like Spring

Today was gorgeous, the hint of spring was all around. The sun was bright and bold and warm. Warm enough to melt the snow and ice so that you could smell it. Ever smell snow melting - you could if you lived in central and northern MI, or in western NY where we used to live. The snow gets piled up and thick, so that it takes a long time to melt, and it is the first smell of spring.

While the spirit is panting for spring, the mind and gut say - hold on. It's not Valentine's Day yet, something's fishy. Anna says, "this is a fluke." We expect more snow, more cold, more wind. Almost everyone agrees, winter doesn't give up this easily. Not a winter that has been this bone chilling cold. We didn't have one day above freezing in the whole month of January.
It's been so cold that our refrigerator in the garage turned a perfectly good bottle of Diet Coke with Lime into a slushy.

At least we have a deposit - hope really, that the winter is nearing its end. Baseball spring training is around the corner and before you know it we'll be in Lent with easter lillies popping up to remind us that Christ has risen from the grave, and death has been defeated by the incarnate Son of God. Come o Spring, and bring this good news - more than "rebirth" but news of second birth, of resurrection and victory over death, of Christ victorious.

One thing I'm glad for about this winter - it's knocked down the weeds on a portion of the property that I would have had to work hours on. This spring, if I get out ahead of things, will be a time to claim some more ground for the lawnmower. Winter does have its place.

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