Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bishop Kendall's - What Wesleyan's Believe

At our North Michigan Annual Conference, Bishop Kendall gave a sermon in which he talked of five things Wesleyans (those tracing themselves to the theology of John and Charles Wesley) believe.  I’ll post them here without scriptural references, however they can all be substantiated with much scripture. 

1)    Wesleyans believe that all people can be saved.

2)    Wesleyans believe in being saved to the max.

3)    Wesleyans believe we can be sure of being saved.

4)    Wesleyans believe God wants to save the whole universe, not just persons.

5)    Wesleyans believe all people are to be in the game (of God’s redemptive work).


This recall of what Wesleyans believe came forth from a confession that for the year 2008, roughly ½ of all Free Methodist Churches in North America reported no conversions, or people transformed by the power of Christ.   The Bishop suggested five steps for going forward with our theology and these statistics which are contradictory to that theology.  

1)    Determine, not here, no now, not us.  (We won’t accept business as usual in our churches where no one confesses new life in Christ.)  

2)    Pray your determination.  (Pray for God to change the status quo.)

3)    Use Good Senses – see what is there.

4)    Do something where you see a need.

5)    Imagine what you could do with the church.



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