Thursday, September 03, 2009

Jesus Week @ CMU

Brian Mackie, Assistant Pastor of New Life Church in Mt. Pleasant, and Campus Pastor for Stand in the Gap – a ministry to students at Central Michigan University, had a vision last spring for a week devoted to Jesus on the campus of CMU.  Brian carried the vision and helped to organize several activities. 

Monday night there was a gathering of Christian groups on campus to worship together, pray for one another and the campus as a whole, and specifically to pray for a spirit of unity.  Brian has a beautiful spirit in this regard, understanding that there are thousands of students that need to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all the present groups have an unlimited potential and praying for the sprouting up of more groups who would contribute to the cause of Christ.

Wednesday found a few of these campus groups, along with a local radio station and our church hosting an informational venue on one of the many lawns at CMU.  Some groups had literature to hand out; our church gave out about 520 bottles of water.  It was a good day. 

As I’ve been involved in giving something away for free I’ve made a couple discoveries:  1) College students are more willing to accept something for free than are older adults.  We’ve handed out water at a local farmer’s market and you can register a “no thanks” as much as you can a “sure” or a “yes”.  2) Kids and women have a better acceptance rate than I do as a mid-30’s male.  A lady helping with our distribution said, “You’ve either got to be a kid or a chic – and you’re not either.”  She’s right.  In 2 hours the kids did half of the distribution, it was amazing.  One on-looker called their fervor, “water-bottle terrorists.”  They were having a blast and being true go-getters.  May their spirit be infectious toward us with the power of the transforming work of Christ and toward those who received the water.  

Jesus Week ends today, with a day of service on the campus.  Some groups are handing out water, others giving car washes.  Blessings go to Brian Mackie for his vision and wide open heart to see every campus ministry do their part in the work of the Kingdom.  May Jesus, be praised.

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I pray they continue this witness. More power to you. -- (David Clemente)