Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Church & College

A couple of observations.

On our recent vacation we drove by several churches. Along the way we noticed that several Lutheran churches were advertising Monday night worship services.
Why? We never stopped to find out. However, I'm wondering why?

This past week, Marvin Olasky, wrote an article, "Class without rooms." In his article, Olasky suggests that because of technology and changes in expectations, in the future, college may be $99 a month, instead of the great cost now associated with college. This projection follows along previous lines of other entities that have become commodities: Computers, DVD players, Books, Music, Food, Medicine, etc.

But in this projection there is a serious question, one which goes unasked, can/should education be a commodity? What will this road look like?

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David said...

I'm not sure if this is the answer to the Monday night worship service, but when you shared that, I immediately thought of our friend who is a nurse and works night shifts Saturday and Sunday nights. So, church on the weekend is really, really hard for her. Monday night would be perfect - she could come home from work early Monday morning, get a good, long nap in, then she and her family could actually worship together Monday evening.