Thursday, December 17, 2009

Preparing for Christmas - another way

Yesterday I was privileged to lead a Bible Study in a local school. It's a unique opportunity and I rejoice that the Father, Son and Spirit are always at work.

I shared with this group of 7 some observations about John the Baptist and how he readied the people of his day for the coming person of Jesus - the Son of God, and his ministry. These thoughts are reflected in Luke 3.1-19. You may want to consider John's message as a way to prepare for Christmas yourself.

1) Toss out the Snakes (3.7)
2) Take a Bath (3.3)
3) Share your Shirts (3.11)
4) Pay Up (3.13)
5) Like your Lunch (3.14)
6) Wait for Fire (3.16)

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