Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christ The Lord - Out of Egypt

Will a carpenter build it (a house for the King of David)? he asked. . . .
"Yes, Rabbi," I said, "a carpenter will build the House of the King. There is always a carpenter, Even the Lord Himself is now and then a carpenter."

- Jesus, in Christ the Lord - Out of Egypt by Anne Rice.


Jon said...

I heard someone make a strong case once that Jesus was more likely a stonecutter/mason than a carpenter. Provides for interesting irony/themes too.

Duke said...

Yes, that case has been made and with some relevance.
Anne Rice imagines a person working with fine wood - so that what Gibson had Jesus do in the Passion of the Christ - make a table needing chairs, is plausable.
I think one can take the carpenter aspect to a metaphorical level - for instnace, Rice herslef has served as a carpenter with her words. We too, with a variety of tools, in a mutlitude of venues can, if our hearts beat for Him, can be carpenters for the King.