Monday, February 22, 2010


On Saturday my birthday rolled around.  It began early in the morning with a gathering of guys from church at Tim Horton's.  We meet there once a month for what we've called, "Deer Camp."  It's a place to tell stories, enjoy one another's presence, and encourage one another on in the Lord.  It was a good gathering until one of they guys shared about God meeting him in his hospital room and giving him the sense that there was something left for him to do - then it became great.  It was a marvelous moment of hearing and seeing the Lord's active work today. 
I returned home, we all piled into the van including Delta, our dog, and set out for the land of my youth.  We had a great time celebrating birthdays.  My youngest brother Byron has a birthday today.  And my niece Stephanie turned five on the 16th.  
The day was warm and the snow was melting.  Some of us took a walk to the woods and had a snowball fight.  The weather held the hope of spring. 
We returned home late and fell into bed. 
Three gifts I liked very much - a Whatchamacallit candy bar from the kids, a sign that reads "Gone Tractoring" from my mom & dad, and permission to work on my tractor from Anna:-)

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