Thursday, February 11, 2010

What I Like of For Me?

Yesterday I participated in a retreat titled, Quiet Day for Clergy.
It was a very quiet retreat as our leader encouraged us to practice and welcome the gift of silence. It was something that stretched me.
The theme that the guide asked us to focus on was the mercy of God. In reflecting on God's mercy we were confronted with our sin and of our need to make confession.
At lunch time we ate in silence. We were offered some delicious food from a favorite restaurant in Mt. Pleasant. We had before us chicken and dumpling soup and grilled chicken or turkey wraps.
Before I took a wrap I noticed that all of them had tomatoes in the mix. If I was going to eat a wrap I realized I would have to set aside my utter dislike for tomatoes and eat what someone else likes, or what someone else thinks others like, or is good for us.
I realized here that I couldn't order a wrap the way I liked it, instead I would have to take a wrap that was made for me. The wrap before me wasn't made to my taste, but it was made for my good.
This wrap let me think about sin and mercy. I have found it easy to run headway into sin when I pursue the things that I like, or insist on what pleases me. God offers life that is made for me, but there are times when I say, I don't like that, I don't want a wrap with tomatoes, I don't like this or that, it's not me. From tomatoes to a whole host of other things, pursuing the things I like most often leads me away from that which is made for me, away from grace, life, mercy. God's mercy is to offer a life made for me.

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