Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Theology of a 4 year old

It's been an interesting week theologically with kids. 
On Sunday I talked with the kids about the great variety that God creates.  I illustrated God's variety by bringing a variety of different types of books.  A 4 year old little chap (Caleb) decided he wanted to borrow Barclay's commentary on Corinthians.  He decided he should take it home for bed time reading:-)

On Monday, Aravis, my nephew Owen (4 years old) and I were driving to a tire store for some tractor tires.  Owen said, "Uncle Jason, you're a stinker because you have sin in your heart."

What's up with these 4 year old kids going all theological? 

Pretty cool, eh!

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Kristin said...

Yes, thanks for that! :) Actually Caleb was more concerned with the highlighting in the book than anything else. He goes, "Look, someone colored in here!"

As for Owen, you know what they say about kids' intuition...is there something to that??? :) Nonetheless, maybe he'll be a great preacher someday! :)