Friday, May 14, 2010

In the midst of death, we are in Life!

In the committal service at a grave one of the lines reads, "in the midst of life we are in death."  That line reflects on all that is happening in that moment, where the living gather around a body which has died and is now about to be buried in the ground.  

There are times when the reversal of that comment sounds more true - in the midst of death, we are in Life!  The man I wrote about last week, died to this world on Tuesday.  But yesterday was the remembrance of Christ's Ascension.  What we know is that even though death take us, in Christ we have life, now and eternally.

On Monday I had a call of another man who died and I will be doing his funeral.  At present we're staying with a friend who works with people facing the last of their days in this world.  Her stories are touching and heart wrenching - she works actively in the midst of death, and her task, to bring life.

Tomorrow Aravis and I will be a part of a wedding of a wonderful young couple.  Their marriage represents a death, to their Independence, to their individual destiny, but it leads to life.  This death and life will take place "in the house of God."

And this is the mystery of the Gospel, the mystery of God's house - in the midst of multitudinous deaths, in Christ we are in Life!

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