Saturday, August 21, 2010

One win a day

A week and a half ago I had a difficult day.  Nothing was going right.
Computers weren't working right.  My ability to study failed.
Everything I put my hand to crumbled like a dry cookie.
Then I received a phone call that surprised me.  Something about it was easy.
In that day, it stood out as one thing that went right.
Since then, I've begun to notice this pattern.
Attempt this, try that. A host of futility.
Then a break through.
There's one thing that goes right.
Today the one thing that went right was the making of two cakes.
There were plenty of things that didn't go right - I tried to change the radio in my truck - the new one didn't work.  I tried to mow grass, the belt broke.  But the cakes - they're looking great.
One win a day.


B. Niles said...

Amen. The glass is always half full in my book as well. For we are triumphant. There's always a lesson to be learned.

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Kristi said...

One win a day. Or in this case...two! :)

~Kristi (from Timble Thoughts)