Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prayer Retreat Reflection

This past weekend 32 people and 2 dogs went from our church (cmfmc.com) to Free Methodist camp at Manton, MI.  We went for a prayer retreat.  We went to be about the business of praying and listening to Jesus pray for us and with us.  While the weather was damp and chilly, the food was good and plentiful, the camp fire was warming, the conversation was fun and encouraging, and the time spent praying was sweet.
One of the blessings that came out during the retreat was the vivid reality that this prayer endeavor was a collaborative effort that combined the work of many in our body to help make it happen.  As we endeavored to pray, there were many who contributed something so that we could in fact be about the business of prayer.   The body of Christ was at work, praying, creating a camp fire, preparing food and drink, creating music, planning an activity, hauling supplies - praying all the way.  Prayer is work, the good work of the Kingdom and it leads us to many other essential acts of kindness, compassion and beauty.  The call to prayer and the act of prayer shaped our doing, and it was blessed, kissed by the grace of God.

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