Friday, September 24, 2010

Prayer Retreat

Tomorrow our church will embark on something that is outside of our normal routine.  A good number of us will head to Manton Christian Camp in Manton, MI for a Prayer Retreat.  We'll be there Saturday and Sunday with a primary focus of our time to be invested in praying. 
Leading up to this retreat we've been using an idea that a number of others have employed, setting aside a certain amount of time for daily prayer, 21 Days in our case. 
I have been surprised at the amount of energy that this preparation has required.  Prayer is real work.  Elder Porphyrious (Wounded By Love) said that one monk praying in a solitary place contributed more to the kingdom of God than a seven preachers who preached to 10,000 people each.  I'm not sure what our contribution has been to the Kingdom.  But maybe it has been pleasing to the Lord.  I'd be happy with that.

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