Friday, November 05, 2010

Melancholy Music?

Last evening Serge had a football banquet at Mt. Pleasant High School.  It was a nice event with recognition of the players and good food.  One of the coaches put together a highlight DVD that played during the meal time.  Accompanying the film footage was a music track. The first song of the music track - AC/DC's -"T-N-T." Not necessarily "dinner" music, but good stuff to go along with game footage.

After a couple more songs I noticed a profound trend.  The music was all 25 to 35 years old.  "Eye of the Tiger" made an appearance along with "Jump" by Van Halen.  I began wondering, where's the music from the last 20 years?  The closing song was something I didn't notice, a little wrap, it was the only song made while these 15-17 year old boys were alive.

So what's up with the music?  What does this almost complete avoidance of 25 years of music history tell us?  Was this just an old guy making the music selections?  I doubt it, these are the songs the guys use in the locker room.

Maybe the songs of the last 20 years are far too melancholy. They are self-reflective and as such they lack personal or group motivational grit that compels a person to overcome an obstacle.  They stew in the personal dilemma, hoping somewhere to find a "pocket full of sunshine." (A song I personally like).
The older songs emerged as the world was engaged in a pan-global cold war which provided a titanic backdrop which elicited big guns, big ships, big airplanes, big hair, big music.

I certainly don't mind a trip down memory lane - that's what much of the music provided - but how long will the future generations have to rely on the tunes from their parents and grandparents adolescence.  Where are the new songs, the new artists, the new inspiring class?    

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