Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Asa & St. Nicholas

Asa and his icon of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
This past Sunday the worship service had the theme of "Bringing Your Best to Jesus."  We tend to reserve the role of gift giving to the Christ child to the Magi, who come bearing gifts.  But all of those who are involved in the story bring a gift to Christ in some form.  The prophets and John the Baptist bring the gift of preparation and anticipation.  Mary brings her entire being and becomes the God-bearer, so that we all might become God-bearers.  Joseph brings a heart and mind that listens to the active voice of God and springs into action when God speaks.  The angels bring songs, first sung to Jesus and then to the world. 

We encouraged the children to participate in some way.  Some of the kids brought a song, some brought some drawings, or paintings.  I don't know what prompted Asa to begin work on this icon of St. Nicholas, but this is what he brought.   

We thank the Lord for his manifold graces which bless us beyond our comprehension.   


Janelle said...

This is really fantastic! Great work Asa! Moses and Asa are really talented in many ways. I love your family!

Sara said...

Here is a link from OrthodoxWiki about St. Nicholas. I know there is more, and they also provide some external links.


See you soon!