Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Christ The Lord

I'm reading Anne Rice's book, Christ The Lord; the road to Cana (a novel). 
In chapter 11 Rice has Jesus visiting an old scribe named Hananel.  The conversation is complicated, yet within the conversation are some wonderful quotes that are worthy of reflection on a number of levels. 

When Hananel fires a number of questions at Jesus there is this quote:
"You press me like a grape, my lord, between your thumb and forefinger."  And I knew that when pressed in this manner, I may say strange things, things I don't even think in the course of my day-to-day work, things I don't even think when I'm alone . . . or dreaming. (the italics indicate things Jesus was thinking, but didn't say) (p.94)

"Men scorn what they can't grasp.  They suffer in their longing for it." (p.97)

Hananel asks Jesus "what have you become?  A carpenter - one of a gang of carpenters.  Men who make floors, walls, benches and tables." (this is an indictment against Jesus) (p.98)

Jesus responds:  "Why does the world swallow the Word of God? . . . Are we not a holy people, are we not to be a bright and shining light to the nations? Are we not to bring salvation to the whole world?" . . .
It's where I live, my lord. Not in the Temple, but in the world.  And in the world, I learn what the world is and what the world will teach, and I am of the world.  The world's made of wood and stone and iron, and I work in it.  No, not in the Temple.  In the world.  And I study Torah; and I pray with the assembly; and on the feasts I go to Jerusalem to stand before the Lord - in the Temple - but this is in the world, all this.  And when it is time for me to do what the Lord has sent me to do in this world, this world which belongs to Him, this world of wood and stone and iron and grass and air, He will reveal it to em.  And what this carpenter shall yet build  in this world on that day, the Lord knows and the Lord shall reveal it." (p.99)

Rice's work on Jesus is fascinating, provoking and seeks to be faithful to what we see in the Gospels, in the setting of Palestine prior to Jesus' appearing to John.  I suggest you take up and read, and read the Gospels again, giving thanks for a fresh set of eyes.

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