Thursday, July 21, 2011

Developing a New Groove

This spring one of the goals we set for four of us in our family was to begin running and acquiring a greater degree of physical fitness.  The endeavor launched after spring break and has continued in a couple of different renditions.  Right now our running pattern is that Anna and I head out somewhere about 7:30 in the morning and Moses and Asa go running about 9.
Encouraging Moses and Asa to take on this new routine has not been without its lament.  But yesterday things changed.  Anna and I had completed our run, we were commencing with the other events of the day and Anna looked up and posed a question - "where are the boys?" 
They had left earlier than 9 and had not conveyed to Anna where they were going.  About 10am a phone call came from a dad of on of their friends, they had completed their run and were doing something at a park.
We were surprised, they had gone out on their own accord.  Last evening we were talking this through with them and Moses said, "I'm beginning to really like running."
They are developing, our whole family is, some new grooves; new interests, new practices, new routines.

One of the other practices we are going to experiment with is that of a family prayer and devotional time after our evening meal.  That has not been a part of who we have been as a family. We've talked about God, prayed before meals, shared scriptural truth, but not had a family chapel/family altar.  I wonder if it will ever have a sacred sense like the chapel services at the seminary or a college chapel, but its a new groove that the Lord has placed on my heart and mind that we need to start walking in.  Maybe after a few months we'll come to the place where we can really like it.


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