Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Move Completed

Our temporary move to Kentucky is completed.
We arrived about 10 days ago.  We unpacked, put things in order and on Friday, we began our orientation to the Beeson program at Asbury.
We've been able to meet and fellowship with my classmates for the coming year, they are super people, who have already provided a number of laughs along the way.
In preparing to move Anna and I had many discussions about how much stuff we could bring.  The townhouses where we stay are furnished with furniture, we had to bring clothing, bedding, dishes, toys for the kids, but not much else.  One of my classmates husbands, posted on a facebook page that in packing we ought to pack lite, for the simple life.  I related this post to Anna and we had great discussions if this was possible; what was the full meaning of packing lite.
To make the move we rented a 6' X 12' trailer from U-haul and pulled it with our pick-up truck.  We were surprised at the end of our packing day in Michigan to realize we had more room available in the trailer than we anticipated.  Anna had done a great job of packing lite.
When my classmate arrived with her husband from Texas, they had a moving truck from a rental company; a 16 footer, and the truck was mostly full.  I told my classmates husband that his admonition had been greatly considered in our house and he was going to get me a in a lot of trouble.  He pointed to a car that they had towed with them, and explained that much of what they had brought; things like a welder, car ramps, etc, was to work on a very unique car.  Their Hyundai car has been converted to electric, and like many conversion projects, there remains work to be done.
Storing worldly goods had been a question many of us have faced in our move to Wilmore.  A couple of my classmates were able to rent their homes out and leave a significant amount of stuff in their own homes.  We were in a parsonage in Mt. Pleasant and needed to move our things.  We began looking for storage units at the first of June, noting that there are several in the Mt. Pleasant area.  We found that they were all occupied.  One night we were sharing our discovery with some people in the church in conversation and someone asked, "have you thought about a buying a semi-trailer?"
No.  The thought was completely foreign, out of left field, but completely reasonable once we began to ponder it.  We could load it once, park it just about anywhere, and when we move again in 11 months, hook onto it and take it to the new place.Plus, it has re-sale value.
So buy a semi-trailer is what we did.  It's 48 foot long, and as my mother-in-law said, it's long enough to put 4 or 5 tractors in when we're done moving:-)  Anna loved that remark! (My tongue is firmly in my cheek.)
Thanks to the great folks at Central Michigan Free Methodist Church, our load up time was minimal and things are well cared for.  
The day of our move held a long farewell.  Sergej Visnakov, who had lived with us for almost a year was set to return to Germany.  His flight left Lansing in the evening.  With the trailer's loaded and ready to roll, we bid Mt. Pleasant a farewell and headed south.  Aravis rode with me in our pick-up and everyone else rode with Anna.  Sergej was blessed to have some high school friends meet him at the airport to bid him off.  There were long hugs and a few tears as we said good bye.  Thanks to Skype, we've been able to talk with him and his parents in Germany.
We spent the night with my parents and then completed our journey.  Shelly Miller and Karen Brookens blessed us with travel goodies.  Their abundant blessing of treats has kept our sweet tooth's satisfied for the past 10 days.
As we arrived in Wilmore we were met by familiar faces and dear friends who helped us in our unloading endeavor.  It wasn't long before we were enjoying a fresh Ale-8-one. 
This last Friday the seven Beeson Pastors began orientation.  The seven of us hail from Korea, Japan, and North America.  We are 3 women and 4 men.  We are diverse in age and experience.  We are all unpacked and ready for the adventure that is awaiting us this year.        


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