Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Training for a 1/2 Marathon

A few weeks ago I wrote about how our family is exploring some new grooves in life.  One of those grooves involved running.  Anna, Moses and Asa, and I have been running regularly since arriving in KY, about 5 times a week.  A couple of weeks ago on a Beeson trip I tagged along with my cohort friend Ken Nash for a 6.5 mile jaunt.  That was the longest run of my life.
Ken has been training for and anticipating a 1/2 marathon that will take place October 30 in Louisville, KY.  After our run, and another the following day, he's been encouraging me to run the 1/2.  I've been a hesitant, until this past weekend.  I took a 90 minute run this last Saturday and have decided that this is challenge that I need to take on.  The 1/2 will come at the end of a month long heavy schedule of classes and travel for the Beeson program.  I am hoping that good training will help my mind and body learn and endure the work ahead of us.
Pray for Ken and I as we train, and for our cohort as we learn, study and listen for God's voice.  These are exciting and new days.  We want to be fully stretched and shaped for the Glory of God.

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