Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Pre-Thanksgiving Update

The month of November has brought us to a reflective space within the Beeson year.  There remain books to be read for classes in this semester, but they are almost completed.  There are papers yet to write, but the majority are submitted.  Now is the time to begin focusing on the dissertation and a question begins to weigh on us, what will come after May of 2012?

Following the Dissertation writing class our task as students it to await the assignment of a mentor.  The mentor helps guide our focus and writing. As I wait I have been blessed with the wisdom of my Bishop and a couple of professors who have shared their insight regarding my topic and my approach.

As to what comes after May, that question arose when I found myself in a conversation about a Pastor of Discipleship position. That conversation propelled me to work on a resume. It has also led to interesting conversations within our family. The kids have a variety of ideas about where they would like to live geographically following this year.  One wants to head to Florida and avoid winter.  Two want to return to Michigan and one is ready to head to Colorado.  When Anna and I suggest other areas of the country or world the protest is so great you would think the earth had opened its mouth and was about to swallow us alive.

To guarantee an exciting Beeson year, Anna has decided to launch a business selling Mary Kay.  Her inaugural party was the day before her birthday.  I think she was more excited about her MK party than her birthday.

Earlier in the month my nephew, Sam, spent a week with us. His parents and siblings, and my parents and brother Byron joined us at the end of his stay. My mom made a pile of pies and all the stuff for an early thanksgiving dinner. 

The weekend of their visit Moses, Asa, Anna and I ran in a 5k race that was hosted by Asbury Seminary.  This was the first 5k for Anna and the boys.  They did great.

The week following their visit, Anna's parents visited and a trip to Cumberland Falls State Park ensued.  Cumberland Falls has a unique distinction with having the ability to host a moon-bow.  It is the only place in the American continent where the light from the moon can create the impression of a rainbow within the mist of the waterfall.  The only other place in the world this happens is in Africa.  The moon-bow does not look like a rainbow with a variety of colors, it looks more like a band of white light stretched across the face of the waterfall.  A mystic sight.

Thanksgiving is a couple of days away.  We have much to be thankful for this year, good friends that spread welcoming blankets of grace, family that visit and lend their supporting ears, companions in the Beeson journey that encourage and share the joy of having our minds and hearts expanded, and ultimately in the Lord, who brings about surprises all along the way!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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