Saturday, December 31, 2011

Overheard on our Christmas Trip

On our trip to Michigan we have heard several funny remarks. I share two here.

We're In Michigan!
Along the way of our journey Kyrie kept asking when we were going to be in Michigan. After we crossed the border with Ohio we said, we're in Michigan. But our response was not good enough. She kept asking, "when are we going to be in Michigan?"
On Wednesday  we visited the good people of Central Michigan Free Methodist Church. When we pulled into the parking lot and parked by the playground that she played on for the first three years of her life she exclaimed, "We're in Michigan!"

I'm not Pregnant!
On Thursday we visited my Grandma Leininger. In our conversation she was telling us about my cousins who have given birth and those who are expecting babies. Anna asked, "who else is pregnant?" Grandma said, "Well I don't think I am."

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