Saturday, December 03, 2011

Preparing For Christmas

December has arrived and that brings the need to prepare for Christmas. 
Our preparations are different this year because of our housing accommodations and plans we have to be with family over Christmas and New Years day. 
We have three decorative items that remind us Christmas is coming, an Advent Calendar, a Creche, and a globe with the Holy Family in it.
Today the city of Wilmore will be abuzz with an event called Christmas in Wilmore. Tonight businesses will host musical troupes singing and playing a variety of music.  Main street will be blocked off as people saunter through the village greeting one another with cheer and good will. 
This afternoon Aravis, along with a lot of other performers, will be in a Ballet production of the Christmas story. She will be playing the part of a lamb. She is so excited. She is excited to dance, and excited that she has been invited to wear some make-up. 
The part I appreciate about preparing for Christmas is reading Advent devotionals.  There is a fresh awareness of God's present speaking and incarnation as I listen to others reflect on scripture in ways that challenge my heart to prepare anew to receive God in the flesh. 

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