Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Interesting visit in Indianapolis

In the month of January Anna and I joined a group of visiting scholars in a church environment that was out of the ordinary. About 30 scholars joined with John and Ann, doctors of the soul, to ring in a new year with a bounty of traditional food. They gave ear to how the universe unfolded in creative order. They exchanged ideas with verdant discussion. Many of the visiting scholars are being stretched, in their formal studies, and to the very depths of their souls through hospitality which opens a welcoming place for sharing a variety of worldviews. They are being introduced to concepts which go beyond the healing of the body and quantum physics; they are exploring the Divine.

Anna and I enjoyed our time in their midst. One of our new friends was wowed by our declaration that we had four children. She has one child and expressed to Anna how overcome she sometimes becomes. She called Anna a "professional mother" and has since emailed with some questions.

We were encouraged as we watched John and Ann among these scholars. John and Ann have sailed by the age of retirement, yet their energy and zest for life, their joy in calling, from our perspective, looks to be near the fulcrum of existence. They serve as guide posts who have set their face toward a city other than Indianapolis, to a city which needs no sun for its light and has a river that teems with healing water. Our hearts grew in this visit and our own imaginations expanded.

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