Friday, April 20, 2012

Needing Discernment

We are in the last month of course work for the Beeson program. The experience has been tremendous and the learning has expanded our hearts and minds in countless ways. We've made new friends and been blessed by reconnecting with existing friends in Wilmore and around the world. The course work has explored areas of theology, leadership and anthropology that are new and fresh to me. Jesus work of doing new things within our spirits and family has been a profound blessing. This is an experience we have deeply enjoyed and are thankful to be a part of.
As we celebrate the journey we have been upon, our minds have been turning to the question, what will be next?  That question has consumed a great deal of energy. We have been praying earnestly. The kids put our spoken prayer into a banner that they hope to hang outside our doorway, it says, "Dear God, What Now?"(I'll post a picture once it is hanging.) We have had a couple of conversations and have an interview in the works. Yet clarity and the appropriate sense of the Spirit is still not with us. If you think of us today, would you ask the Lord to help us in discerning His leading? Many thanks.

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