Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Answered Prayer

This past weekend an ardent prayer in the life of my family received an answer.
On July 1, I will join the staff at Schweitzer United Methodist Church, Springfield, Missouri. I will be working in the Discipleship area of the church.
How this came about is a remarkable story and a rather vivid indicator that the Lord has been walking with us in our journey. He is always faithful.

We have many questions that are yet to be answered, a big one is, where are we going to live? We know that these things will become clearer as the time approaches.

Today we are packing a trailer and celebrating Kyrie's 4th birthday. Tomorrow we travel to Michigan to reunite our things in KY, with our things in storage in MI. Saturday we celebrate the life of Anna's grandpa Gordon. Sunday we head to the west for a great western adventure.

The Lord is Good. All the time, the Lord is Good.


Bags are packed said...

Good for us! Nice to meet you Sunday, and glad you stopped in our class for a few zingers. Plesae come again. I look forward to reading your blog. Did you see the Haiti one?

I also blogged for the trip to Haiti,

Again, welcome to your whole family.
Barbara Melton

Mary Barnard said...

We have not had the pleasure to personally meet you or your family, but want to welcome you all to Springfield & Schweitzer. I look forward to following your blog. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Mary & Dan Barnard