Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Epiphany Update 2014

During Christmas we were the recipients of several Christmas letters. We enjoyed the updates from friends and family who are located all over the country. 
Anna composed a letter in response a week ago. Here is her update.

Happy Epiphany! Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day, is a celebration of when the Magi visit Jesus.  He was revealed to humble shepherds as well as to kings; in Jerusalem and in a land far away.  May he reveal himself anew to us and to the world in 2014.

Our family has celebrated Christmas twice in Springfield/Strafford Missouri now.  Our little home on 10 acres has seen horses come and stay for an extended visit, tractor rides galore, bonfires (big and small), kids running, shooting, climbing, lots of visitors coming and going, and music, drama, love, and laughter in abundance.

Jason stays busy with his work at the church and in his spare time attempts to write his dissertation.  He has been known to use words like dominical (claiming that it is a verb) in games played at New Year’s Eve.  He might be reading a little too much about how the saints of ancient times helped develop leaders.  I continue to homeschool all four children.   Moses is 14 and in 9th grade.  He is an avid reader and especially loves history and music.  We often enjoy singing along with Mo and his guitar.  Asa is 12 and in 7th grade.  Asa is detail oriented and focused.  He started a blogging class at co-op and his blog is dedicated to telling history with legos.  Clever boy.  He continues to play piano.  Moses and Asa loved playing football with the LCA Chargers again this year.  Aravis is 8 and in 3rd grade.  She is great at memorizing things like states and capitols and loves music.  Violin is her instrument.   She loves to be around people, so co-op and church are her favorites.  Kyrie is 5 and started Kindergarten this year.  She wishes everyone else in the family had as much free time as she does.  Kyrie lost her first tooth on New Year’s day!  She’s a lot of fun and makes us all laugh with her dramatic faces.  Both girls LOVE
to dance with the Petra Ballet Company.

Have a Happy New Year and God bless you with Grace and Peace in 2014!
The Leiningers
Jason and Anna, Moses, Asa, Aravis and Kyrie


Janelle said...

Sounds like an awesome year. I am sad that we don't get to spend much more time together. Many blessings and love to you all!

Heidi said...

So good to know some of your blessed life, Anna and Jason. It's amazing that your kids are already so old and involved. Enjoy every stage of their development. Accept hugs from us out here in Denver!