Saturday, April 09, 2016

A Prayer on Christmas Eve

Kind Father

With joy and anticipation we have gathered tonight 
we're anticipating singing Christmas carols that are or are becoming our favorites
we're anticipating hearing the story of Jesus' birth and how His light - Your light can change our world
the kids among us are anticipating Christmas morning . . . present time

Celebrating You bring us joy
Our hearts are made for you and with You we find rest, peace, hope, love and

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, remembering also his crucifixion and resurrection for the sins of the world
we pray that You would shine your light into our hearts and into our world
There is still darkness
still evil
still sorrow
still slavery
still brokenness
Come, Lord Jesus Come
into our world and into our hearts that still needs your Life and Light.

Send the Holy Spirit to stir up hope and whisper in our ears the great mysteries of God.
As we sing and worship, drive doubt and fear away
Unite our hearts with Yours
Let Justice roll down into our fingertips,
let Mercy shape the framework of our judgments
and Gladness be on our lips.

May our streets pulse with the songs of the Shepherds, with our songs, and the songs of the angels. Amen. 

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