Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Prayer for Traveling

Tonight the sky was clear and crisp. I looked up into the sky and I saw airplanes - about 10 of them - at different places in the sky and heading in different directions. Those planes made me think about all the people traveling at this time of year; many of them  headed home for Christmas. Or in the words of the incredible radio personality Gary Burbank - home to see mamma n' them (Burbanak was on 700 WLW - Cincinnati - The Big One). 

The many travelers reminded me of the travel reflected in the story of Christ's birth. Mary traveld to see Elizabeth. Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem, to Egyp, and finally to Nazareth. The Magi traveled from a distant land to behold the King of the Jews. The Angels traveled to bring God's good news to Mary, Jospeh, Zaccharias, and the Shepherds. In the midst of all this travel God was giving great joy and comfort to the world.

If you're traveling this year, maybe to see mamma n' them, or maybe on some new adventure; 
May the God who watched over the travelers of Mary and Jospeh and all the others, watch over you. May great joy, and the wonderful surprise of the Holy One greet you.  
May you journey in the comfort of God as the world, your world, knows great sadness
May the journey change you in ways that bless the world, that bring good news.
May the journey take you, finally home, where you find the people of God, dwelling in sweet communion
And may the heart of Mary, a heart that treasures and ponders all these things, be found in you. 

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