Friday, May 27, 2005

Are We Glad

Sometimes I read Dr. Kinlaw's devotional book, "this day with the master." (contrived, 2002)I'm not a big devotional book reader - but I'm always impressed with and challenged by what Dr. Kinlaw writes.
His May 25th writing was something that wasn't new, yet it was refreshing. The title is "I Like You." Following are a couple of exerts:
God loves this world and his people and wants to be in our midst. He wants to be one among us. He likes us. . . .If you like a person , you let that person invade your space. Do like God? Is your home or your office a place that belongs to Him? Is he free to rearrange your schedule and your plans? Is everything in your home accessible to him? He is longing for us to look up at him and say, "We like you! We belong to you. We like belonging to you, and this bit of the world in which we live if yours, and we are glad."
May all of us devote the bit of world we live in to the Lord and be glad.

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