Friday, August 12, 2005


A couple of reflections on what the critique of the metaphors of shepherd/family.

1) I’ve had some difficulty with the biblical narrative reflecting what may be some of the implications of the text from the book quoted below.

David and King Saul come to mind. King Saul, not too long into his reign seems to have lost the missional edge. After David took out Goliath there were plenty of folks waiting to assist David in a paradigm shift. Yet David understood things differently, Saul was the anointed King, and God himself would have to release his anointed person.

There seems to be a spirit within protestants that’s more like that of Absalom than that of David. Take out the old and in with the new. . .

2) I’ve had difficulty because it’s one thing to talk about on a conversation board, another thing when it’s applied to a present situation. Personally the application seems to be easier applied to people I don’t see often and don’t know well, than with someone who lives in the same community.

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