Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What does "Aravis" mean?

The question comes after they've asked us to pronounce her name Aravis (Air-A-Vis), "so, what's it mean." Evidently every name has a meaning, or so the thinking goes after all the christian book stores sold all those cards bearing a persons name and meaning.

We to be true we don't know what her name means, it's taken from C.S. Lewis' book, The Horse and His Boy.

As I held her during the lunch hour today I said to Aravis, "right now your name means gift from God." "When you're a teenager your name will mean, "I'll kick your butt you scum sucking boy."

Maybe this is how becoming the father of a girl has changed me.
In the pictures of her birth I had a beard - Aravis hasn't been happy with it, so it's off.


SkyeDragon said...

you spelled scum wrong. but i like it anyway.

Aravis94 said...

Dangit! I wanted to be the first to name my child Aravis :p. I'm 16 so i still have a long ways off until that happens :/

Duke said...

Aravis94 - I'm glad to know you like the name. We know of one other girl who has been named Aravis. May you add bless another beautiful girl with such a name - but not for a while:-)